TotalFunction’s FEAPA-Method™

Multidiciplinar project approach with TotalFunction’s FEAPA-Method™

Most of the readers may recognise following situation during a project. In a rather late project stage, input of some specialist, forces to reconsider early project decisions and already agreed solutions. This always is a very ineffective, inefficient  and unwanted situation during a project.

All projects, related to Operations need a multidisciplinar view and approach. Although everbody may agree, still in a lot of projects mulidisciplinarity is missing.
To guarantee the necessary multidisciplinar approach TotalFunction has developped their: FEAPA-Method™.

This method guarantees early input of all stakeholders and relevant expertises and disciplines. The approach is effective and efficient and minimizes modifications (and costs) during the first production steps. To learn more about TotalFunction’s FEAPA-Method™, please contact us.

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