‘Human role in future Control Rooms’

Innovations and new technologies will fast become more and more part of our daily lives. In our professional life we are bit more restrained. New technologies need to be secure, integrated and mayching with types of other solutions, already being used. In the end, good, reliable and value adding techniques will be implemented! The simple reason behind it: they save and/or make money.

Virtual Reality and robots

With new technologies we are able to operate plants globally with centralized operations solutions. We use techniques as Virtual Reality for training purposes and we use robotics for activities, which are  dangerous or complex.

For Control Rooms these are very important topics. Often, enterprises have a legacy of all types of different systems. Some are very old and designed to last decades and are very difficult and expensive to replace. Very often new tools are being implemented to help operating the process in a more efficient way. Over a period of years, this results in a large systems diversity and complex Control Room environments.

Companies are challenged

The challenge companies have these days, is not only the proliferation, but also the complexity of systems and solutions. New applications have Artificial Intelligence, are self-learning and have predictive behaviour. With that interfaces are becoming more simple. Instead of seeing ‘everything and always’,  only what the important things will be shown. New solutions are being driven by big data. For Control Rooms “cloud” solutions will become accepted very fast, resulting in decreasing installed on-site equipment.

What can we expect?

The question is: What may we expect from our operations, if they start using the unavoidable new tools, which are on the threshold of our Control Rooms? Is this something they embrace swiftly? Or will it need more time and patience? How are we going to make sure the human operator wiil stay involved? What kind of training and education may be needed? How does the road map for your Control Room look like? What kind of staff may be needed? What will be more important? IT-skills of Operations background? Or even may be both?

TotalFunction makes the difference with the FEAPA-Method™

TotalFunction uses its FEAPA-Method™, to make sure that all stakeholders will be involved. Functionality is the highest priority and technology should support to make our lives easier. Not the  other way around. Creating efficiency by new and different views and solutions. An ‘Out-of-the-box’ way of thinking and approach will be needed. That is how we will make the difference.

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