Central Control Rooms, still needed in the future?

Technology and Automation will develop faster and faster and influence on all operational activities will increase. This will change tasks and functions. The interaction with plants and production processes will largely change.

Technical, operational and functional concepts and realizations should be more and more flexible, modular, exchangable and relatively independent of hardware, technology and manufacturers

For the planned or expected period of operation it should be possible to functionally integrate new technologies and developments in an ergonomically and operationally seamless way This should be safe for people, environment, operations and production. Downtime should always be minimized.

There will be an exponential growth of data volumes to analyse, handle and to interact with. For this monitoring and operations of data processing, tracking and tracing of data, security and infrastucture will become new, often the most important, operational tasks.

Operations will take place on very high level: optimizing input and output, integrated over sevaral, highly automated plants and sites. Plants and sites may be very remote, virtual, on a global enterprise-wide business level. Operators will act more and more as ‘dispatchers’

To be able to get the overview, Situation Awareness will be most essential. Information should be visualized task-oriented and very compressed. Visualization should be more abstract and task and situation oriented high-level overviews. High-level alarms should be functionally integrated.

For this, it will be essential to apply Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence. Safety, security and cyber security will have to be operationally monitored. In case of incidents,  operators should be supported by scenario-driven and automated applications.

For this, operators should also be supported by intelligent video analysis for process and security, hand held, personal mobile user interfaces, as well as automated or robotised applications for inspections and maintenance

With these developments, the world of operations and operators is going to change very fast. As a consequence, there will be new Control Room concepts.

The Control Room will become the central, monitoring and coordination centre for information interpretation, interactions and communications. Essential wiil be visualization of high level, enterprise-wide, overviews and Situation Awareness. All will have to be based on accessibility by flexible, intuitive, scenario-driven User Interfaces.

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